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Developing And Maintaining An Effective Compliance Program

Posted by MegaplanIT on 1/5/21 10:59 AM

What does a “Compliance Program” mean to you? Some people think of policies and procedures that must be followed. Although policies, procedures, and processes are important elements, they do not encompass all of the components required to plan and implement an effective Compliance Program. Compliance programs span people, processes, and technology. A Model Compliance Program Consists of:

  • Program Oversight
  • Critical Documentation 
  • Education
  • Measurement Process

This whitepaper provides organizations with a path forward. We will walk through aspects of an effective compliance program and how it can be valuable to your business. We will also outline critical steps towards developing and implementing a useful and effective Compliance Program. It is paramount to recognize that Compliance Programs should not be adopted wholly from a template or checklist; they require customization based on the organization, applicable external requirements, and industry factors.

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